AskHQ: Leg yield

Q: Why is leg yield not considered a lateral movement? A: Leg yielding does not belong to the lateral movements, since the horse, whilst being in slight lateral flexion through…

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Shoulder-in is the mother of all lateral movements. It was described in detail by the Grand Master François Robichon de la Guérinière along with its enormous gymnastic benefits for the…

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The warm-up

As an athlete your horse needs to be correctly warmed up for the work he has to perform. If you’re tight for time it can be tempting to scrimp on…

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Callaho’s Lissabon
Photography: Tracy Robertson

Callaho’s Lissabon

Callaho Stud’s fabulous foundation sire and current ‘King of the Hill’, Callaho’s Lissabon turned 21 last winter. The combination of Lissabon’s own record as an exceptional all-round sporting athlete and…

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