Shoulder-fore for suppling

Shoulder-fore for suppling

The suppling abilities of lateral work are essential for horses in any discipline and therefore should play a major role in your horse’s training programme. Introducing lateral work early gives…

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Ready for take-off

Get your distances right Showjumpers commonly talk about 'seeing' distances when jumping. The problem with this approach is that it only deals with what happens in the immediate vicinity of…

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AskHQ: Trot up

QuestionI have realised that I really cannot see lameness and it makes me worry that I don’t see issues with my own horses. How can I learn to get better…

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The wonders of circles

Dressage is all about suppleness. Without consistent bend throughout your horse’s body lots of exercises become difficult and you’ll struggle to get a respectable dressage score. Here we give you…

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Winter warming up and cooling down

A proper warm-up and cool-down are especially important over the winter period. Low temperatures mean your horse’s body needs longer than usual to warm up to a working temperature. Warming…

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Dressage for the showjumping horse
Strive for controlled forward impulsion and straightness

Dressage for the showjumping horse

Text: Shari Michaelis While showjumping might seem like a ‘point and shoot’ discipline to some spectators, a good showjumping round requires much more from the horse than just clearing the…

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AskHQ: The inside rein

Q: Why should you not turn with the inside rein? A: When starting out with this funny thing called horse riding, every instructor worth their salt will tell you ‘not…

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