Shoulder-fore for suppling

Shoulder-fore for suppling

The suppling abilities of lateral work are essential for horses in any discipline and therefore should play a major role in your horse’s training programme. Introducing lateral work early gives…

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Ready for take-off

Get your distances right Showjumpers commonly talk about 'seeing' distances when jumping. The problem with this approach is that it only deals with what happens in the immediate vicinity of…

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The 1923 FA Cup Final in England between Bolton Wanderers and West Ham United is still referred to as The White Horse Final. It was the first FA Cup Final…

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AskHQ: Trot up

QuestionI have realised that I really cannot see lameness and it makes me worry that I don’t see issues with my own horses. How can I learn to get better…

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AskHQ: Paddock aggression

Question My horse has become very aggressive suddenly with others in his paddock. The yard owner wants to separate him, but he was absolutely fine until recently. What could be…

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Neck Straps

Neck straps are often associated with young or tricky horses. However, many riders use them, and all have their reasons for doing so – even five-star and Olympic eventer William…

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