AskHQ: Fitting a rug

Q: How do you check if a rug fits your horse? A: Having a rug that fits your horse is important to keep your horse comfortable and avoiding rubbing. To…

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Why are contracted heels an issue?

Contracted heels are problematic for several reasons: They can lead to atrophy of the internal structures of the hoof, which are necessary for support and correct functioning of the entire…

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What are contracted heels?

Contracted heels are one of the most common problems encountered by farriers today. In fact, many of us are so used to seeing contracted heels that we don't even consider…

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HQ interview with Team Callaho

HQ was fortunate enough to interview Team Callaho ahead of their auction this week. We'll be releasing lots of snippets on social media over the next few days, but to…

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Is your horse overweight?
Being overweight can cause your horse to have several physical problems

Is your horse overweight?

We would all like our horses to be at their ideal weight, particularly if we are competing. The fact that racehorses are handicapped by having lead weights added to their…

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Dressage for the showjumping horse
Strive for controlled forward impulsion and straightness

Dressage for the showjumping horse

Text: Shari Michaelis While showjumping might seem like a ‘point and shoot’ discipline to some spectators, a good showjumping round requires much more from the horse than just clearing the…

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AskHQ: Dry skin

Q: My mare has dry skin and is constantly scratching. I've tried coconut oil, tea tree oil, and a cortisone injection from the vet but nothing seems to help. What…

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