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Stable Gate – Saddlery, Supplies and Sporting Goods

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What made you start your business?

Starting the business was the realisation of a life long dream for me. 

Are you a horse rider yourself? 

Yes I’m a horse rider. I have a very pretty Arabian stallion, whom I have had since the day he was born. He is a spunky, powerful and honest little horse. His temperament is exceptional for a stallion and we have done fairly well at breed showing classes and Horse of The Year 2011 and 2019.

What products do you sell? Do you have any unique products that are only available from you?

We specialise in sourcing a large range of products from many of  the local suppliers here in South Africa. One of the main services we offer, is that if we do not have a particular product or item in store, we will track it down for the client. However we have big plans for our own branded range and this will be launching soon!

What makes you different?

Our personalised approach to each client’s needs when selecting products to purchase makes us stand out. The fact that both myself and Ashleigh, who runs the business with me, are horse riders also really helps. We both ride at various competition levels (when possible) and across different disciplines. I ride showing and dressage and used to do a bit of endurance and Ashleigh does eventing and showjumping. 


Where are you situated?

We are situated in Benoni.

Can people contact you during lockdown to place online orders?  

Yes, certainly!

Telephone: 074 689 8295