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5 minutes with Marlene Sinclair

Text: Caroline Malan

Image: TB Images

Tell us how your Reonet show went overall?

The show was super. My horses jumped beautifully.

Which of your horses impressed you the most and why?

Douglas M jumped three stellar, clear rounds in the 1.35s. Camaro jumped beautiful training rounds in the 1.35 and 1.40 respectively getting good tickets in both. I must be honest, they both impressed me with their rideability and jump. Sundays’ tracks I found very challenging but both had clear rounds. I tested Camaro a bit in the jump off of the 1.40 Grand Prix, by opening him up more than I would normally. We did have a pole, but to be honest, he felt as good as he has ever felt.

Which horse do you need to work on the most / did not go as well as you would’ve liked?

Douglas, 10 yr old KWPN stallion, is still a work in progress. We have changed his training program slightly, and changed some of his tack. His jump is reflecting good training, thanks to my team’s effort. His occasional cheeky stallion temperament needs re-focusing at times, as most stallions require, but all in all we are on track.

Who is the one horse in your string that never disappoints you – that once again this weekend was consistent?

Camaro – hands down one of the most powerful, yet gentle souls, I’ve ever had the privilege to work with. He always gives me 100% in heart, body and mind. He was powering over those tracks this week. He is one of the most consistent horses, if not the most consistent, on the circuit. He and I have certainly worked hard for this partnership, for which I am deeply grateful.

What was your overall impression of the tracks over the 3 days?

Tracks were superb. They were so well constructed. They weren’t oversized, but you had to think, and get pace from the start. You had to really ride, in order to get in the money. I had to work hard for the clear in the 1.40 GP, with my world cup horse. I couldn’t have asked for better preparation for this new year.

Your thoughts on the new Bob Charter going?

I didn’t jump on day 1, but on day 2 and 3 I felt the going was good. My horses always jump well in the Bob, most horses do. No complaints.

What is your next show and on what horses?

My next show is the Nissan Easter Festival. I will jump Douglas in the 1.40m, and Camaro in the 1.50m.

What are your goals for 2019?

Last year my goal was to win the World Cup Qualifying series title, which Camaro and I successfully managed. However, being second and third a few times (4 to be exact) and a 4th and a 10th in the six qualifiers, now leaves me with the great desire to win a National Championship and a World Cup Qualifier, or two.

Nissan Easter Festival is one month away. How are you feeling about that show post this weekends performances? 

I feel stronger than I thought I would. We will now focus on fine tuning my riding, and keep working on increasing our fitness levels. We have placed well the last three years in the Nissan SA Outdoor Grand Prix at the Easter Festival. I fully intend to fight for the title this year.