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5 minutes with Johnathan Clarke

For the Reonet Summer Cup I entered all of my barefoot horses (which are mostly owned by the Slade family and a couple by myself and Tamzyn Wegrostek) in the newly resurfaced Bob Charter arena. Personally I was disappointed with the going – they had top dressed the arena and had the grass too short which made it very slippery, not only for the barefoot horses but also for those with shoes and studs on.

As a result I took my horses out of the competitions held in the Bob Charter and put them in the Peter Minnie arena which meant that I had five horses in the 1.30 Championships – and all went double clear which I was chuffed with! The horses in the Championships included the Slade Equestrians’ horses which are Data Sciences Felix Van De Mispelaere, Data Sciences Hummer Van Het Bevrijdthof, Jerba vd Bischop and Enouche RK, as well as my Open horse Pohlands Macchiato. They were all placed in the 1.30 Champs which is excellent and I am very pleased with all of them.

I did jump Luana VD Bisschop of Silhouette Park Stables in the Bob Charter in the 1.35 Grand Prix and she jumped really nicely with only 1 pole down but that pole was my fault. I am planning on jumping her at Nissan Easter Festival in the Bob Charter and I will put shoes on Pohlands Macchiato and hopefully make that his first 1.35 class. The only other horse that I will have at the Festival will be Morgan van’t Heike in the 1.20s which I assume will be either in the May Foxcroft or in the Peter Minnie.

I had planned to do the Stokkiesdraai show as a warm up for Maple Ridge President’s Cup and Easter Festival, however that never transpired. Instead, I took the horses for a jump at Cruisa Equestrian as a warm up for President’s Cup and then obviously following President’s Cup we will head off to Nissan Easter Festival.

I would like to thank Govett Triggol and Reonet for the generous sponsorship of the Summer Cup – what a great show!