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Murray Evans (Zambia), Jarod Richardson (New Zealand), Reagan Gloyn (New Zealand)

Zambia, UK, Australia and SA qualify for World Cup semi-finals

Murray Evans (Zambia), Jarod Richardson (New Zealand), Reagan Gloyn (New Zealand)
Murray Evans (Zambia), Jarod Richardson (New Zealand), Reagan Gloyn (New Zealand)

Zambia, United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa have qualified for the 2015 Polocrosse World Cup semi-finals at the Durban Shongweni Club on Sunday 5 July. The Polocrosse World Cup action resumes on Friday 10 to Sunday 12 July with the semi-finals and finals.

“This week has been a spectacular display of high speed polocrosse. Exceptional horsemanship has been proven by every team taking part in the Polocrosse World Cup,” commented Wessel Strauss, President: International Polocrosse Council.

Great games of polocrosse

Zambia and New Zealand kicked off the day with a thrilling game of polocrosse, which saw Zambia beat New Zealand by 19 goals to 13. The Zambian team followed from where they had left off their previous games, playing with talent and flair. Zambia gained a comfortable lead against New Zealand. Zambia number one, Mike Krynauw and his wife Kelly Krynauw, ladies number one, added to the smooth win over New Zealand. While the New Zealand team played bravely and determinedly, Zambia came off as the better team.

United Kingdom and Ireland competed next in six arduous chukkas. Ireland scored first, with United Kingdom then firing in two quick goals, in what was a frantic first chukka. The United Kingdom kept building on their lead, scoring consistently. The United Kingdom remained focused, looking sleeker and stronger in their performance. Although the Irish proved to be a spirited and dogged team, the game saw the United Kingdom winning comfortably with 20 goals to 11.

Joanne Lavery (Ireland), Rachael Duhig (United Kingdom)
Joanne Lavery (Ireland), Rachael Duhig (United Kingdom)

In a great display of polocrosse Australia defeated Zimbabwe in the third game of the day. A fierce and tenacious Zimbabwe led after the first chukka by three goals to two. Australia leveled early in the second chukka. The sublime goal that put them in the lead started with a precision pass down the sideline and was finished off perfectly into the goal. The flood gates then opened with Australia scoring a total of six unanswered goals in the second chukka. The Zimbabwe women fought back bravely to keep their side in the contest, but it was the Australian men, who prevented the Zimbabwean men from scoring in two chukkas, that made the difference. Despite a spirited fight from Zimbabwe in the sixth and final chukka, Australia held on for victory winning 19 -15.

Team Proteas

The Proteas dominated in the match-up against the USA in the final game of the day. After a grueling first chukka the teams were all level at 3-3. It did not take long for the gears to click as the South African men, showing impeccable athleticism, took the Proteas into a commanding lead in the second chukka scoring five unanswered goals. The South African ladies kept with the rhythm scoring another five goals in the third chukka. The unique and enviable passing style of South Africa put them well out of reach of the USA with another five goals in a very one sided chukka. The Protea team’s determination and killer instinct saw them take a convincing win over USA of 25 goals to 10.

“It’s hard not to be proud of such a brilliant team. South Africa made a statement today with so much flair and pure brilliance. Graham MacLarty was on top form and the rest of the team just kept on feeding him the ball and putting him in ‘space’. He never disappointed and kept the score board ticking at a rapid pace. After this weekend’s polocrosse, it is absolutely undisputed that the quality of the teams were highlighted by the fantastic horses that they were supplied with. We as PASA (Polocrosse Association of South Africa) salute the community that have afforded us the privilege to ride some of the best horses in the world,” commented Andre Truter, President: Polocrosse Association of South Africa.

Graham MacLarty (South Africa) displaying superb ball skills and horsemanship to catch the ball behind him.
Graham MacLarty (South Africa) displaying superb ball skills and horsemanship to catch the ball behind him.


Zambia – 19
New Zealand – 13
United Kingdom – 20
Ireland – 11
Australia – 19
Zimbabwe – 15
South Africa – 25
USA – 10

Getting to the final

Visit for VIP tickets; general admission tickets can be purchased on the day at a cost of R20 per person, entrance for children under the age of 12 is free.

Members of the public are encouraged to support PASA’s efforts by purchasing a lucky draw ticket to stand a chance to win a magnificent filly, progeny from an Australian Stock horse stallion, which was imported into South Africa and bred with thoroughbred mares from good racing and sporting lines. Tickets for the lucky draw are a R100 each and can be purchased by contacting There is a guaranteed buy-back of the filly for R50,000 should the winner prefer that; second prize is a R5,000 Pick n Pay voucher. The draw will take place on 12 July after the Polocrosse World Cup 2015 final.

For more information and to follow the event, visit the official Facebook page – Polocrosse World Cup South Africa and the Twitter page – @PolocrosseSA, the official event hashtag is #PolocrosseWorldCup2015.

Photography: Shannon Gilson, Sheena Truta