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WBFSH Number 1: Chacco-Blue

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We all know his name; we all know his breeding ability; and we all know why he is number one.

Chacco-Blue has been in the top spot on the WBFSH Sire Rankings since 2017. His father Chambertin did not breed an excessive number of offspring, but the ones he did were of serious quality. On the dam’s side we see Contender. It has been said that Contender works best with a mare with a large amount of Thoroughbred blood in her and Chacco-Blue’s mother, Contara, has just that.

Chacco-Blue was a divine horse to work with. Paul Schockemöhle owned the stallion and made this comment on his character: “OK, he could jump, but the best thing was his mentality. He tried always, even if you rode him to the 2.50m wall, he couldn’t have jumped it, but he would have tried, and this he gave absolutely to all his children”. He has sired over seventy licensed stallions, including many international-level horses, including the Olympic Gold medalist Explosion W.

Chacco-Blue died in 2012 from Lyme disease; the same year he won The Grand Prix of Neumünster.

In South Africa, the world number one’s name is represented in competition and at stud. Chatan Hendriks of Callaho Stud recently took to Facebook about the young Callaho’s Con Gusto JTZ; Con Gusto is the son of Chacco-Blue out of the full sister to Hardrock Z, Happy Days Z. We then see the power of proven genetics and bloodlines come into play with Capital Stud owning Con Gusto’s full sister, Capital’s Chacco Bella JT Z. With these two top class studs prioritizing Chacco-Blue blood, there is a lot more to come from this stallion here in South Africa.


Breeders are always hoping they hit the jackpot and breed the next world number one stallion – the next Chacco-Blue. But the next stallion phenomenon may be ‘closer’ to Chacco-Blue than we anticipated… Mares of Macha recently released the news of the birth of three clones of Chacco-Blue’s mother (MoM’s Contara), called Contara Alpha, Contara Beta and finally Contara Gamma.

“Our goal was initially to produce embryos, but when this failed, we turned to cloning. It was a surprise to have three successful pregnancies at the same time, but it presents a wonderful opportunity for the breeding community. We will only decide around their 5th year of life whether they will start breeding directly. Indeed, it is not yet ruled out that they will first participate in the sport, as the clone of Ratina does under Niels Buynseels or the clone of Otterongo with Christian Ahlmann. But regardless of their sporting careers, the intention is in any case to finally offer their embryos to our customers at a fixed price and with gestation guarantee” said Klaas De Coster

Will one of these mares keep the name of Chacco-Blue alive for years to come?