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Top of the equestrian world rankings

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Final standings for 2023

In HQ Pro this month, we took a good look at the final standings in the world rankings for 2023. It’s fair to say that there aren’t too many surprises here…


Henrik von Eckermann ended 2023 precisely as he started it, at the top of the World Jumping rankings! With his brilliant form throughout the year, he has retained his position at the top of the standings since the summer of 2022.

In these, the final rankings of the year, Sweden’s Von Eckermann is top with 3386 points, just ahead of Great Britain’s Ben Maher. Notably, however, the gap between them is just 136 points, the smallest lead the Swede has held in recent months. It’s worth mentioning in light of these recent developments, that just seven months ago, Von Eckermann achieved the largest-ever recorded lead on the runner-up, with 593 points separating him from then-second-placed rider Julien Epaillard.

Maher managed to reduce the difference between himself and Von Eckerman by 258 points in just a single month, thanks to his impressive performances, including a second-place finish in the Madrid leg of the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup™.

USA’s Kent Farrington holds on to third place for the second month in a row, while Swiss riders Steve Guerdat and Martin Fuchs switch positions to take the fourth and fifth places, respectively. The same goes for France’s Epaillard and the American McLain Ward, who occupy the sixth and seventh positions, while Simon Delestre and Max Kühner maintain their eighth and ninth positions. Shane Sweetnam enters the top 10, climbing one position from last month.


  1. Henrik Von Eckermann | SWE | 3386 points
  2. Ben Maher | GBR | 3250 points
  3. Kent Farrington | USA | 3119 points
  4. Steve Guerdat | SUI | 3037 points
  5. Martin Fuchs | SUI | 2945 points
  6. Julien Epaillard | FRA | 2928 points
  7. Mclain Ward | USA | 2895 points
  8. Simon Delestre | FRA | 2754 points
  9. Max Kühner | AUT | 2740 points
  10. Shane Sweetnam | IRL | 2715 points


Jessica von Bredow-Werndl finishes 2023 at the top of the World Dressage rankings, just as she did at the end of 2021 on the back of her Tokyo 2020 triumph. She only briefly lost her spot at the top to Charlotte Fry when she was on maternity leave in 2022. This year has really been another sensational one for the German. And while Von Bredow-Werndl leads the athlete ranking, her mare TSF Dalera BB dominates the horses’ ranking, making them a formidable combination going into 2024.

In second place in the athlete rankings is Charlotte Fry, who recently wowed at the London International Horse Show with Everdale. In third place, Nanna Skodborg Merrald holds onto her spot, with Great Britain’s Charlotte Dujardin on her heels in fourth place. The final place in the top five goes to Isabell Werth, who sits just 16 points behind Charlotte Dujardin.

In the horse rankings, we have TSF Dalera BB in first place by a reasonable distance. Then, Nanna Skodborg Merrald’s gelding Blue Hors Zepter climbs back into second place to finish the year. The pair are very closely followed by Imhotep, Charlotte’s Dujardin’s gelding. Glamourdale, Charlotte Fry’s black stallion and former number one, has stepped back into fourth place, and Isabell Werth’s DSP Quantaz retains the last spot in the top five after their fabulous win in Stuttgart.

Athlete Rankings

  1. Jessica Von Bredlow-Werndl | GER | 2197 points
  2. Charlotte Fry | GBR | 2104 points
  3. Nanna Skodberg Merrald | DEN | 2062 points
  4. Charlotte Dujardin | GBR | 2024 points
  5. Isabell Werth | GER | 2008 points

Horse Rankings

  1. TSF Dalera BB | 2197 points
  2. Blue Hors Zepter | 2034 points
  3. Imhotep | 2024 points
  4. Glamourdale | 2007 points
  5. DSP Quantaz | 1893 points


For the third month, British rider Oliver Townend remains at the top of the World Eventing Rankings despite his point total remaining the same as in the previous month.

As has become the norm recently, the British contingent boasts seven athletes within the top 10. Alongside Townend, Rosalind Canter follows in second place with 546 points, Tom McEwen in fourth, Harry Meade in fifth, Piggy March in sixth, Wills Oakden in seventh, and Laura Collett in 10th.

The only non-British athletes in the Top 10 are the American Boyd Martin in third place, New Zealand’s Tim Price in ninth place, and the standout in the December ranking, Maxime Livio, who climbs nine positions to secure eighth place after securing victory in Montelibretti.


  1. Oliver Townend | GBR | 569 points
  2. Rosalind Canter | GBR | 546 points
  3. Boyd Martin | USA | 471 points
  4. Tom McEwen | GBR | 466 points
  5. Harry Meade | GBR | 408 points
  6. Piggy March | GBR | 387 points
  7. Wills Oakden | GBR | 383 points
  8. Maxime Livio | FRA | 381 points
  9. Tim Price | NZL | 364 points
  10. Laura Collett | GBR | 362 points