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The 1.40m two-phase at the Biogen World Cup Qualifier

Despite possibly the coldest Maple World Cup qualifier day in history, as the show has been moved earlier on our calendar, the wind was quite refreshing, and the same can be said of Bernardo Costa Cabral’s courses.
The general consensus among our top riders was that it has been such a breath of fresh air to see jumps laid out in positions they have never been seen in before; the resurgence of 3-stride distances and tracks that are not biased towards horses that can either turn or gallop, but all about being economical, is a welcome new challenge.
Once again, the track gave one inside turn option, and the rest was down to having the best canter and riding the neatest lines. As with all Bernado’s courses so far, although technical, if ridden on a good rhythm, they flowed beautifully and rode well.
Young rider Holly Smith on Capital Clarissimo II took an early lead before Elize Coetzee and Assagai Canterlara took 0.2 seconds off her time. The lead then went to Jenna Odell on Liberty Lord Cassini for a short moment before Chatan Hendriks and Biogen’s Greta G soared into the lead. Despite losing a shoe a few jumps before the end, the pair took 2 seconds off the leading time! They came home in 32.37 secs, and it was hard to tell who was happier, Chatan, owner Shawne Goetsch, or Greta herself!
Johan Lotter, as expected, gave it a try on Best Compagnie Z, but like the others, could not break to 34-second mark.
Congratulations, Chatan and Greta G! It is wonderful to see this partnership at the top of their game and having such fun in the process!! Will they be making it 3 wins from 3 tomorrow?
1- Chatan Hendriks and Biogen’s Greta G
2- Johan Lotter and Best Compagnie Z
3- Jenna Odell and Liberty’s Lord Cassini
4- Elize Coetzee and Assagai Canterlara
5- Kyla Brimacombe and consumer Rock International Quisto 2
6- Holly Smith and Capital Clarissimo II