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Photography: Tracy Robertson

Callaho’s Lissabon

Callaho Stud’s fabulous foundation sire and current ‘King of the Hill’, Callaho’s Lissabon turned 21 last winter. The combination of Lissabon’s own record as an exceptional all-round sporting athlete and…

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Hanoverians are considered warm-blooded horses.

AskHQ: Hot-blooded vs cold-blooded vs warm-blooded horse?

Q: What is the difference between a hot-blooded, cold-blooded and warm-blooded horse? A: These terms are used to group the different breeds of horses (loosely) according to their temperament (NOT…

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Anel Pelser – Riding Instructor

HQ caught up with Anel Pelser, Riding Instructor, to find out about her services: HQ: As a freelance instructor, do you specialise in a specific discipline or do you teach…

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The Callaho Dream

On this cold and wintery day, we all need something heart-warming ❤️. This video from Callaho Warmblood Sport Horses has really put a smile on our faces. Enjoy this insight into the…

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Caption: Thaddeus was one of the first licensed Hanoverian stallions to be imported.  Q: What is the purpose of the SAWHS (South African Warmblood Horse Society)? A: The sole purpose…

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The majestic Knabstrupper

Dr Marna Smith, an animal scientist specialising in genetics and the owner of The Majestic Knabstrupper Stud, is obsessed with breeding the ‘perfect’ coloured sport horse. Marna imported South Africa’s…

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