AskHQ: Dentist drama

Q: My mare will allow the dentist to work on her teeth, even with power tools, but she looks absolutely terrified. Would it be kinder to sedate her for the…

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Understanding windgalls, Part 4

Avoiding the development of windgalls There are three major ways to prevent your horse from developing windgalls. These are as follows: Ensure that your horse (particularly young or heavy horses)…

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Understanding windgalls, Part 3

Diagnosis Diagnosing windgalls is typically not difficult for your vet. Windgall swellings occur directly above the fetlock on the inside and outside of the tendon sheath. Windgalls can affect either…

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Colostrum is produced by the mare and is the first milk she produces when she gives birth. She only produces this milk for up to 24 hours after giving birth.…

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AskHQ: Ringworm

Want to know more about ringworm? Like the fact that it isn't actually caused by a worm but by a fungus? Then, check out this article on ringworm in our equine friends.

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