Grand Slam VDL approved for Oldenburg and Westfaler Verband

Pre-Oldenburg and Westfaler Verband approval, Grand Slam VDL had obtained approval from the KWPN, Hanoverian, and Selle Francais studbooks. Grand Slam VDL was the all-time top-scorer in the KWPN performance…

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Fragile Foal Syndrome

By Amelia Campbell-Horne With breeding, so many things can go wrong, so any risk that can be eliminated should be! Fragile Foal Syndrome (FFS) is one such risk that can…

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AskHQ: Benefits of frozen semen

Q: What are the benefits of using frozen semen? A: There are many benefits of using frozen semen when breeding a mare. Cryopreservation (freezing) allows long term sperm storage, which…

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AskHQ: What is ICSI?

Q: What is ICSI?  A: ICSI stands for 'intracytoplasmic sperm injection' and the procedure is now being performed more commonly in horses. The ICSI procedure involves the injection of a…

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CEM – what you need to know

CEM stands for contagious equine metritis, which is essentially inflammation of the uterus of a mare, which in this case is caused by a sexually transmitted infection. CEM, despite the…

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Inspect the stables thoroughly and ensure that they are safe.

Moving yards

Problem: I need to move livery yards, but don’t really know what I’m looking for. Solution: There are several things to consider when choosing a livery yard that suits you…

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