AskHQ: Living out

Q: Can my horse live out? Answered by Charlotte Bastiaanse A: Before domestication, horses used to live out throughout the day and night. Nowadays, horses are generally, at least in…

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Back to Basics 3

Straighten up   Straightness is important for all horses – regardless of discipline – and something riders should work hard to establish, regardless of the horse’s age. Straightness promotes evenness and…

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Pridey’s lockdown lamentations Days 3 and 4

Dear readers, It is with great relief that I can inform you that it's been a much more pleasant two days chez moi. Turns out (conveniently) that my (very absent)…

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AskHQ: The Vlaamperd

Q: What is the Vlaamperd? A: The Vlaamperd, which directly translated means ‘Flemish horse’, is actually a breed of horse that originated in South Africa, and still exists here today.…

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The Lusitano

Text: Marike Kotzé The Lusitano is descended from the oldest riding horse known to history – the traditional Iberian horse, who in turn can be traced back to the primitive…

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Lorette Taylor update pre-Derby
Lorette Taylor at Revil

Lorette Taylor update pre-Derby

Interview by Caroline Malan An update from Team Nissan rider Lorette Knowles-Taylor as we head towards The SA DERBY. Tell us your thoughts about your show in Polokwane at Revil…

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