AskHQ: Lifecycle of a fly
Nature macro.

AskHQ: Lifecycle of a fly

Q: What is a fly’s lifecycle and are there ways in which we can control it? A: Flies thrive in stable yards, as horse manure is the perfect environment for…

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AskHQ: Worms in the paddock

Q: How do you manage pastures to reduce the incidence of worms? Answered by Jassy MacKenzie A: In the vast open spaces of their natural environment, wild horses would not…

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AskHQ: Living out

Q: Can my horse live out? Answered by Charlotte Bastiaanse A: Before domestication, horses used to live out throughout the day and night. Nowadays, horses are generally, at least in…

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Moving yards
Inspect the stables thoroughly and ensure that they are safe.

Moving yards

Problem: I need to move livery yards, but don’t really know what I’m looking for. Solution: There are several things to consider when choosing a livery yard that suits you…

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AskHQ: Wood chewing

Q: My horse chews wood. People at the barn say it is due to a nutritional deficiency, but I'm not sure what that deficiency is? A: Many horses like to…

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Pridey’s lockdown lamentations Days 3 and 4

Dear readers, It is with great relief that I can inform you that it's been a much more pleasant two days chez moi. Turns out (conveniently) that my (very absent)…

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