AskHQ: Mouldy hay

Q: How can I tell if my horse’s hay has gone off? A: The consequences for your horse’s gastrointestinal and respiratory health can be severe if forage quality, especially hygiene…

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AskHQ: Dehydration

Q: What are the signs of dehydration? A: Dehydration is a serious threat to your horse's well-being, as this loss of water also means the loss essential minerals such as…

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Horse health check: 3) Gums

Sticky gums are a sign that your horse is dehydrated, so make sure he has access to clean, fresh water at all times. If you struggle to get him to…

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ABCs of Vitamins – Part 3

Here is the final article in our three-part series on nutritional components. These are the last of the vitamins and minerals your horse needs.

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