Shoulder-fore for suppling

Shoulder-fore for suppling

The suppling abilities of lateral work are essential for horses in any discipline and therefore should play a major role in your horse’s training programme. Introducing lateral work early gives…

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The wonders of circles

Dressage is all about suppleness. Without consistent bend throughout your horse’s body lots of exercises become difficult and you’ll struggle to get a respectable dressage score. Here we give you…

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Dressage for the showjumping horse
Strive for controlled forward impulsion and straightness

Dressage for the showjumping horse

Text: Shari Michaelis While showjumping might seem like a ‘point and shoot’ discipline to some spectators, a good showjumping round requires much more from the horse than just clearing the…

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AskHQ: Vettings

Q: What is the difference between a two-stage and a five-stage vetting? A: A two-stage vetting is limited to just a standing examination of the horse and a brief assessment…

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Anel Pelser – Riding Instructor

HQ caught up with Anel Pelser, Riding Instructor, to find out about her services: HQ: As a freelance instructor, do you specialise in a specific discipline or do you teach…

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The five freedoms

The five freedoms are a set of internationally recognised and commonly adopted animal welfare standards. They outline what we as animal owners or carers must provide for the animals in…

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AskHQ: Horses in art

Q: Why is the horse much less common today in art than he was previously? A: Horses have appeared in works of art throughout history, but the number of horses…

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The Callaho Dream

On this cold and wintery day, we all need something heart-warming ❤️. This video from Callaho Warmblood Sport Horses has really put a smile on our faces. Enjoy this insight into the…

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