Skin and coat care

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]outh Africa with its beautiful sunny climate, can wreak havoc with our horse’s coats though. There is nothing worse than a beautiful dark bay all bleached and ‘burnt’ looking with…

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Rand Hunt: Children’s Meet
A large field of 72 riders turned out for the annual Children’s Meet

Rand Hunt: Children’s Meet

Sunday 6 December was a beautiful sunny day and everyone gathered in the now very green bowl below the ICB Clubhouse for the traditional speeches and stirrup cup. A large…

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Rand Hunt opening meet
Even with the dry conditions, there were two water crossings planned.

Rand Hunt opening meet

Opening Meet: Sunday 29 November It was a lovely, cool, breezy morning for the Opening Meet. Unfortunately there had been no rain in the previous week but the going was still…

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Can a horse be born bad?
Some riders interpret fear as a horse being 'bad.' Other recognise fear as a horse's natural reaction to being an animal of prey.

Can a horse be born bad?

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]oes your horse have a natural tendency towards specific types of behaviour, or are his responses moulded by influences in his lifetime? Can the right handling cure the ‘bad’ horse…

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Breed profile: The Caspian

The Caspian is an ancient breed previously believed to have been extinct for over 1,000 years. He is probably the most direct ancestor of the Oriental breeds and therefore all…

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Horse personalities: what is yours?
Interested horses are inquisitive and eager to investigate anything

Horse personalities: what is yours?

Our horses’ personalities are what make them special and unique. Personality can be a combination of upbringing, living environment and training, but sometimes other events in their lives can change…

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The National Horse Trust Fund

Roxy Blows interviewed Lesley from the National Horse Trust Fund on Wednesday 6 May on her Animal Show on MixFM #AnimaltalkListenstoRoxyBlows Click the link here listen to the full interview or…

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Tips to choose a showjumper
The right jumper for you?

Tips to choose a showjumper

Looking for a new ride? Top SA showjumper, Nicole Horwood, offers tips on selecting a young jumping prospect.

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