Shoulder-fore for suppling

Shoulder-fore for suppling

The suppling abilities of lateral work are essential for horses in any discipline and therefore should play a major role in your horse’s training programme. Introducing lateral work early gives…

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Grooming Gremlins

As grooming is such an essential part of horse care, it can be a real problem when your horse has an aversion to the process. The number of horses who…

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The wonders of circles

Dressage is all about suppleness. Without consistent bend throughout your horse’s body lots of exercises become difficult and you’ll struggle to get a respectable dressage score. Here we give you…

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What are contracted heels?

Contracted heels are one of the most common problems encountered by farriers today. In fact, many of us are so used to seeing contracted heels that we don't even consider…

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Is your horse overweight?
Being overweight can cause your horse to have several physical problems

Is your horse overweight?

We would all like our horses to be at their ideal weight, particularly if we are competing. The fact that racehorses are handicapped by having lead weights added to their…

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Winter warming up and cooling down

A proper warm-up and cool-down are especially important over the winter period. Low temperatures mean your horse’s body needs longer than usual to warm up to a working temperature. Warming…

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