AskHQ: Swollen legs

Q: My horse’s legs swell overnight in the stable but reduce to normal size after a bit of turnout or exercise. Why does this happen? Do I need to worry?…

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Sarcoids are a common condition in horses and can be serious. They are the most common skin tumour of horses, accounting for 40% of equine cancers. They affect horses of all ages. 

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Wobbler’s Syndrome – a summary

Wobbler's Syndrome is caused by a narrowing of the vertebral canal in the neck, which causes compression of the spinal cord. The spinal cord carries nerve signals that coordinate movement…

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Grooming Gremlins

As grooming is such an essential part of horse care, it can be a real problem when your horse has an aversion to the process. The number of horses who…

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Herd immunity

The current pandemic has led to a broader understanding of the importance of herd immunity, but is herd immunity also a concern for our horses and how exactly do we…

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Understanding windgalls, Part 4

Avoiding the development of windgalls There are three major ways to prevent your horse from developing windgalls. These are as follows: Ensure that your horse (particularly young or heavy horses)…

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