AskHQ: Beet pulp

Q: Why is beet pulp good for horses? A: Beet pulp is a great feed for horses. It is an energy-rich source of digestible fibre that helps to promote and…

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By Hannah Botha, MSc Equine Science, Equus Feeds The use of soya has become a hot topic in recent years as research continues regarding its use on the human market.…

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AskHQ: Time to ride

Q: How long do you actually have to wait to ride after feeding your horse? Asked by May Clarke A: This depends on the type of feed, the amount and…

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Hindgut distress

Horses are trickle feeders, designed to eat fibre all day long, rather than consuming large meals less frequently. Fibre digestion takes place in the hindgut where a population of micro-organisms…

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Improving your arena
Shouldn't you be considering synthetic surfaces for your arena?

Improving your arena

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]xtreme weather conditions inevitably put added pressure on your arena surface. Common problems are that surfaces become too deep, and in the case of sand-based surfaces, dry and dusty. If…

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