Winter warming up and cooling down

A proper warm-up and cool-down are especially important over the winter period. Low temperatures mean your horse’s body needs longer than usual to warm up to a working temperature. Warming…

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Shoulder-in is the mother of all lateral movements. It was described in detail by the Grand Master François Robichon de la Guérinière along with its enormous gymnastic benefits for the…

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AskHQ: Warm-up

Q: Why is the warm-up important? A: Firstly, a horse’s metabolism levels increase when you warm up. Through this process energy becomes more easily accessible for the muscles, preparing them…

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AskHQ: The sitting trot

Q: I just can't sit the sitting trot. How can I improve this? Answered by Elena Jankowitz A: The sitting trot is challenging for everyone and there are numerous factors…

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HQ: Swimming lessons

Q: Should you only use a water treadmill for injured horses? Does a vet need to refer your horse? A: Any horse can benefit from water treadmill exercise. It doesn't…

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Could Nicole Sime Riley win the Cell C Derby?
Nicole Sime-Riley and Sunny Park Stables Elpaso

Could Nicole Sime Riley win the Cell C Derby?

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]he’s a wife, a mom, an instructor and business woman. She’s also in top form on the back of her win at the recent 2017 Revil Stables Reonet FEI World…

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