AskHQ: Feeding for muscle

Q: How do I feed my horse to build muscle for eventing using nutrition? A: It goes without saying that building muscle requires correct work, so nutrition is not going…

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Become a plaiting pro

Text: Jan Tucker A neatly plaited horse looks professional when he enters the ring, and in many disciplines plaiting is compulsory. But is it always necessary and what constitutes the…

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Georgina and Woody braving the cross-country

Dressage Diva does disciplines

By Georgina Roberts FEI definition: eventing “A formidable combination of cross-country, jumping and dressage. Eventing is often known as the triathlon of the equestrian world. A truly complete sport that…

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The more your horse competes across the country the more he will understand what is expected of him

Planning your cross country round

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or some, riding across the country is the real essence of eventing. All those hours spent getting the horses balanced, on the aids and working in harmony with the rider…

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