Amy Hay

A true globe-trotter Text: Amelia Campbell-Horne Almost every rider would argue that horsemanship is not just a hobby; it is a way of life. That is certainly true of Zimbabwean…

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Biogen’s World Cup 1.40 Championship

The Biogen 1.40m championships saw another testing, world-class track. Bernardo managed yet again to place jumps and lines in far different locations from what we would typically see. There was…

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Fibre can change abnormal behaviour

By Hannah Botha, MSc Equine Nutriiton Stereotypic behaviours are actions that are repeated without any apparent or obvious purpose or function. These behaviours involve a need-related drive that develops if…

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Fragile Foal Syndrome

By Amelia Campbell-Horne With breeding, so many things can go wrong, so any risk that can be eliminated should be! Fragile Foal Syndrome (FFS) is one such risk that can…

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Sarcoids are a common condition in horses and can be serious. They are the most common skin tumour of horses, accounting for 40% of equine cancers. They affect horses of all ages. 

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AskHQ: Rehoming a donkey

Q: We’re thinking of rescuing a donkey. Can horses and donkeys live well together, or will I need to keep them separate? A: Horses and donkeys can live very happily…

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