Why are contracted heels an issue?

Contracted heels are problematic for several reasons: They can lead to atrophy of the internal structures of the hoof, which are necessary for support and correct functioning of the entire…

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Dressage for the showjumping horse
Strive for controlled forward impulsion and straightness

Dressage for the showjumping horse

Text: Shari Michaelis While showjumping might seem like a ‘point and shoot’ discipline to some spectators, a good showjumping round requires much more from the horse than just clearing the…

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AskHQ: Flocking

Q: What are the different kinds of flocking in saddles? A: There are several types of flocking that are commonly used in saddles. Below are the main types: White wool…

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AskHQ: Mouldy hay

Q: How can I tell if my horse’s hay has gone off? A: The consequences for your horse’s gastrointestinal and respiratory health can be severe if forage quality, especially hygiene…

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AskHQ: Dogleg

Q: How do you jump a dogleg? A: A dogleg is a curved line from one fence to another to test your control and reactions. They are particularly challenging when…

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AskHQ: Feeding for muscle

Q: How do I feed my horse to build muscle for eventing using nutrition? A: It goes without saying that building muscle requires correct work, so nutrition is not going…

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