Boxing boots

Boxing boots are worn when travelling, and come in either the short or long version. Short boxing boots are fitted only around the cannon bones,… Read More »Boxing boots

Sausage boot

The sausage boot is a ring of rubber, secured by a buckle, fitted around the fetlock. These boots are worn to protect the pastern or… Read More »Sausage boot

Hock boots

Hock boots are typically worn during travel or when stabled. Some horses manage to dig out their bedding and end up lying down on the… Read More »Hock boots

Eventing boots

Eventing boots are specifically designed for the cross-country phase of eventing. They are designed around the model of the brushing boot, but usually feature better… Read More »Eventing boots

Tendon boots

Tendon boots are front boots that are fitted around the cannon bone. The protective layer runs all the way around the leg, except in the… Read More »Tendon boots