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SANESA Endurance Nationals Bethlehem 2014  - start of 80km rideLast year the Arab Horse Society of South Africa decided that they would like to acknowledge riders competing on registered Arabs, Anglos and Arab partbreds in SANESA Nationals. It was a wonderful way to highlight the role these horses play in the junior sphere.

Two sets of trophies were donated in order to accommodate the various classes in the preparatory and high school classes – one set for the endurance horses (who only compete in endurance) and another set for all other Nationals classes.

In both cases it was the registered Arab/rider combination scoring the highest points overall at the Nationals who received the trophies. According to SANESA president Marlene du Plessis, the non-endurance class was quite tough and the winner was taken over Western mounted games, Western riding, eventing and all the Core League Nationals.

Endurance winners

High School: Andrea Smith (GP)
Preparatory School: Emma Griffin (KZN)

All other Nationals combined

High School: Chrizelda Kern (NW)
Preparatory School: Natasha Morphis (KZN)


Many great equestrians have ridden through the ranks on horses of Arabian origins. This award category gives recognition to the value of the breed as both a wonderful companion and a multi-talented competitive horse for young riders.