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Remuda Creek Horsemanship Center

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Tell us about your yard. 

Our yard is quite small, with 12 horses currently standing with us. We have the standard 20 x 60m dressage arena, two round pens, an EETO course, a grass jumping arena, a 20×40 Cowboy Dressage arena and we also have a huge 60 x 70m Western riding arena. We have an instructor on site.

We have a couple of big paddocks with good grazing. We also have two huge fields, which the horses are in during the day. Our horses sleep in smaller paddocks at night with shelter and are out the whole day. Geldings and mares go in separate paddocks.

We feed only twice a day, as the grazing in the paddocks is very good.

We do have outrides, but only for liveries as we can only ride on the roads and it can be dangerous. 

Tell us a little bit about you. What made you get into horses and Natural Horsemanship? 

My aunt introduced me to horse riding at the young age of three years old. She competed in Eventing and had a chestnut gelding at the time. I always just rode for fun and then when I got my first horse I started to compete in Dressage.

After school I studied Equine Science at TUT, and then my career with horses started. When I moved to Vanderbijlpark, I started working for people that introduced me to Natural Horsemanship and to my mentor Russell Higgins. He is a New Zealander who regularly comes to South Africa for clinics. 

I have five horses 😋 – two Quarter horses, 2 OTTBs and one Boerperd. Ember is a chestnut Quarter Horse mare. She is my Cowboy Dressage show horse. The other Quarter horses is her son, Thowra. He is a very handsome palomino colt, who we backed this year using Natural Horsemanship. Harley Quinn (her real registered name) is an OTTB who we use in the riding school. She was stolen a year ago, but with the help of Highveld Horse Care Unit we were able to get her back. Heywot is my other OTTB. He was a very successful racehorse and is now retired with us. Our last horse is a pitch black Boerperd called Achilles. He has only recently been started and will also be used in the riding school and as my husband’s riding horse.

Who does your yard cater for?

Our yard caters for a person who loves their horse and wants to learn a different way of working with and keeping horses.

We do traditional dressage and jumping classes, but I try and bring the Horsemanship way into the classes. I try to bring Russell Higgins to our yard every year. We host him and then he spends a couple of days at our yard giving clinics on Horsemanship. I also host Cowboy Dressage clinics and shows.

How are you keeping yourselves busy during lockdown?

We are lucky that we are with our horses, while in lockdown, so I am spending quality time with them. We are also going to compete in a virtual tournament hosted by the Russell Higgins Foundation,  so we are practicing for that.

Information and contact details

My number is 0725612407 and my email address is .

We are situated in Vanderbijlpark.

Our stabling is R2600 per month and classes start at R470 per month. We have taylor made packages for families. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.