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Ready for Nissan Easter Festival: Thomas Triggol

Young rider Thomas Triggol certainly is one to watch at this year’s Nissan Easter Festival

Who are the horses that you’ll be competing at this years Nissan Easter Festival

My name is Thomas Triggol, and the horses that I’ll be competing on at NEF are:

  • Callaho’s Fiona
  • Callaho’s Charlien 7
  • Callaho’s Faith
  • Topbet Lord Abbendorp.

I’ll be competing all four of these horses, in the Junior 1,35m classes

Tell us about your horses’ personalities?

Callaho’s Charlien 7 is a little mare with loads of personality! She is extremely feisty, hot and sensitive with a great love for food. She is extremely confident in her own ability and has loads of talent, resulting in her going on in her own way. She is super sweet and very polite on the ground, but very feisty under saddle!

Callaho’s Faith is a real people-pleaser, which results in her getting quite temperamental when I make a mistake, especially when I have a pole down. She is also a feisty mare with a very big heart and to top it off, a super winning temperament!

Topbet Lord Abbendorp is a chilled, loyal guy who has a very consistent, easy-going, laid-back temperament. He has a big heart and is a real trier, day in and day out!

Callaho’s Fiona is a very strong mare both physically and mentally, who jumps out of her skin every time and certainly gives it her all. She is an extraordinarily talented mare, however, she tends to spook at everything in the arena, except the jumps!

How do you prepare in the weeks leading up to a show such as NEF?

Leading up to the shows, I do some dressage lessons and I train once or twice a week with Barry Taylor at Farnham Stables. In addition to my daily riding of all four horses, I also try to make sure that my horses’ needs are accounted for such as physio, chiro etc.

Tell us what goes through your mind on show day.

On show day, I try to be very positive. I also focus on the different things I need to do on each of my horses, as they all perform differently to each other.

What do you love most about the Nissan Easter Festival?

I really enjoy the entertainment classes which the Easter show offers, as it is something very unique about the show compared to all the other shows year-round. The atmosphere throughout the show is also awesome! The Six-Bar is an awesome event! It’s really exciting, as it attracts a very large crowd and relates to a fantastic vibe!

How many times have you competed at NEF, and what are your memories of the show?

I have competed in the NEF since I was a very young, tiny Pony rider on a cute 12hh pony called Little Star. I have many very fond memories of this show! Last year was significant for me, as I sadly competed my last show on the amazing superstar, Burntwood, before we had to unfortunately retire him. The two of us had won the Junior SA Outdoor Grand Prix together! I’ve also really had a lot of fun competing in the speed classes, in teams, at the show.

Who are your favourite horse-and-rider combinations to watch?

I really enjoy watching Jonothan Clarke on Hummer and Barry Taylor on Nissan Catwalk 22. They are both extremely talented horse and rider combinations, and so inspirational to watch.

(Catwalk 22 has recently arrived in Europe for his new adventure with international rider, Laura Kraut)

If we played music as you entered the arena, what music do you think your horse would want?

Fiona – Thunder by Imagine Dragons
Charlien 7 – Crazy by Charles Barkley
Topbet Lord Abbendorp  – Despacito by Justin Bieber
Faith – Faith by George Michael

Tell us something about you that nobody knows

When I was a tiny, beginner rider all I wanted was to wear a leather belt to ride in – just like my dad! Unfortunately, as I was SO small, and we battled to find one that fit me. On my birthday I became the proud owner of my own leather belt, which I wore to death! A few years down the line, I was then told that leather belts don’t come in such small sizes. To my horror, I discovered that I had been wearing a leather-studded dog collar all along!

Text: The PR Machine. Copy edited by HQ.