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Pridey’s lockdown lamentations Day 8

Oh readers!

What a splendid day today has been! It was my mother’s birthday, and due to lockdown conditions my very absent father could only buy her essential items – which mainly consisted of carrots. Yes, you heard me right, carrots. The wise fellow pulled out all the stops and ordered her bags and bags of quality carrots for her steed. She seemingly was happy with this – although I suspect there may be consequences for him later. I, on the other hand, gave her a card (see above) to explain the absence of gifts on my part. She was impressed by my writing (naturally) and seems to have accepted this token.

Anyway, tonight readers, I sleep fat and happy, in the knowledge that a) I have enough carrots to last until next year and b) that for the next two weeks if my mum gets the ‘spends’ in a horse shop, it won’t be a new halter or sparkly tack BUT food that is coming my way – carrots and food are essential indeed.

Much love friends,

Pridey xxx