Common causes of lameness, Part 4


In our last post we discussed tendon inflammation. If caught early enough tendon inflammation can usually be managed with no additional issues.

However, if tendon inflammation is not detected early, or our pony sustains a sudden big injury, the tendon can tear.

The lameness with a tendon tear is usually severe, and depending on the severity of the tear, the prognosis can be anything from cautious to excellent. Most ponies with a tendon tear will require at least 6 months off work entirely, and then they may begin gentle work again. It is often a couple of years before a pony is back to where they were fitness and competition-wise.

Going forwards you will always need to be careful of this injury in your pony, as when the tendon does heal it will not be as elastic and supple as it was before the injury. This makes it prone to re-tearing.

You’ll need to make sure you have you farrier check your pony regularly, and that you take proper care of your pony’s legs – checking them every day to see if there is any heat, pain, or swelling. At this first sign of a problem, you must call your vet!