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NEWS: Callaho’s Breeding Magic

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As we mentioned last month, HQ Magazine is delighted to be teaming up with Callaho for their two online auctions this year.

With the Winter Auction fast approaching (11-15 May), Callaho Warmblood Sport Horses have now released their auction selection and everyone needs to check it out! Callaho may refer to ‘breeding magic’, but here at HQ we realise that some serious ‘breeding science’ has gone into this spectacular collection.

As if the excitement of this was not enough, Callaho have also announced the dates for try-outs and are now taking bookings between 9 April and 9 May.

But let’s cut to the chase, here’s the news from Team Callaho themselves:

It is with much excited anticipation that Callaho is finally able to reveal the “Full Monty” of our Winter Auction! This stunning collection of 20 sport-horses and two pregnant broodmares comprises the first half of our 2021 offering, the second half to be presented for sale at our Summer Auction in October. All the details, photographs and videos of them free-jumping and under saddle are now loaded and can be accessed either directly on the Callaho Auction Platform or on Callaho’s YouTube Channel. Now with 22 years of experience and six years brewing, this concoction is simply BREEDING MAGIC!

In April all relevant info such as latest heights etc will be updated and fresh free-jumping video clips will be loaded. Also, our iconic printed catalogue will be available from all major equestrian supply stores countrywide or downloaded as a printable PDF from our website.


We encourage and welcome anyone interested in the collection to book a visit to the farm during the try-out period which will commence on Friday, 9th April and extend to Sunday, 9th May 2021. To book a visit date or discuss suitable choices, please contact our Training Manager, Annette Rousseau on 072 619 4764 or e-mail to She has intimate knowledge and experience of every horse and is a gold-mine of information which she revels in sharing.

For ANY queries or questions regarding the Auction, the horses or their breeding, it would be our pleasure to assist so please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

If you are still reading this you are too slow off the mark – get onto the Callaho website and get browsing the Winter Collection!