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Lorette: Nissan Easter Festival Q&A

Lorette - Watch Me1. How many horses are you competing on at Nissan Easter Festival and in what classes?
  • Nissan Epsom Emma in the 150 classes
  • The Jansens Catwalk 22 in the 140 classes
  • Nissan Animous in the 135 classes
  • Callaho’s Sampras in the 1m classes
  • Callaho’s Victory For Ever in the 1.10m classes
2. How is your preparation going for the Nissan Easter Festival?

We have just finished the Presidents Cup and all the horses went well. This week they will have light work and then on the weekend the final stages of preparation will be done for Nissan Easter Festival.

3. Which of the Nissan Easter Festival classes are you most looking forward to and why?

This year there is an in invitational fancy dress speed class for the top ten riders on the rankings. I am really looking forward to this!

4. How do you mentally prepare for the bigger classes of the show?

Mental preparation is affirmed by the fact that you and your horse are physically prepared for the big classes. I like to have some quiet time before competing in a big class to get in tune with myself and my horse and the job at hand.

5. Do you get nervous with the big crowds watching and if so how do control your nerves?

It is wonderful to jump for an enthusiastic crowd. It is not nerves but I do I get very anxious to do well in the class. I love to win!

6. Do you follow an eating plan or do you just eat what you like?

I wish! I have to be very strict about low to no carbs/low GI carbs otherwise I balloon. Its hard work these days as I am now nearly 40 and the weight doesn’t stay off like it used to.

7. Tell us about one of your favourite horses and why he is your favourite?

It is like asking a mom about her favourite child…I cannot choose to be very honest. They all have their own unique characters and I love them each for different reasons. One similarity is that all of my horses always try their best in the ring for me.

8. Do you enjoy the smaller classes on your young horses as much as the bigger classes?

I have 3 very high quality youngsters at the moment (Callaho’s Cento’s Boy is not mentioned above). Cento is also owned by the Jansen’s and is on a break at the moment. He competes in the 90s and has just turned 5. There is definitely a sense of accomplishment producing and competing with the young horses.

9. As it is Easter will your family be at the show supporting you?

My mom will fly back from Namibia to help with Ashlee and school transport etc. as well as to support Barry and me. Barry will compete in the open classes and Ashlee will ride in the 90s.

10. What part of Nissan Easter Festival are you most looking forward to?

The Team Nissan development morning at Nissan Easter Festival on 28 March 2015 where we teach around 20 under-privileged riders to show jump. We have done this every year for the last 3 years and it has been such a success. The kids/young riders are always so enthusiastic and just love the morning.