What is #HQHack1000?

#HQHack1000 is a countrywide equestrian challenge. The goal is to hack 1000km in your chosen horse-rider combination. This can be done over any time period and we will be running this challenge online and in the magazine for the next year. Competitive riders across the country have joined with us to make this project an exciting reality. We all know that hacking has huge mental and physical benefits for our horses, whether they be top competition-level or simply happy hacks, and this project aims to encourage us all to get out and about and share our horseback experiences.

All you need to do is track your own distance and keep us updated on HQ’s Facebook page, where we hope to see your pictures and hear about your adventures. Our professional riders will also be on our Facebook page, documenting where they are in their challenge and encouraging us all to try new routes and build in some new elements.

Every month in the magazine we will be updating you all as to the progress of our riders, and if you keep us updated on Facebook you also stand a chance of featuring. Events will be held throughout the year to encourage everyone to go out in groups and get their horses moving. Everybody who completes the challenge will receive a certificate for their horse-rider combination.

Tracking can be as high- or low- tech as you desire. Fitness watches are a great way to track your route, as are apps like Endomondo. If these sound a bit on the technical side, you can simply work out the distance of your route from Google Maps (or even a good old-fashioned map book).

Upon signing up to #HQHack1000 below you will be sent a tracking sheet to download, print and record your distances. A printed copy of this tracking sheet will also be available in the next issue of HQ, which is out just in time for Derby.

What now?

To start the #HQHack1000 challenge, please fill in the form below to sign up your horse rider combination. The tracking sheet will then be sent through to you. As a member of #HQHack1000 we would like you to post your distances, pictures, routes and experiences on our Facebook page to let everyone know how everyone else is getting on. So without further ado, let’s get hacking!