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Grand Slam VDL approved for Oldenburg and Westfaler Verband

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Pre-Oldenburg and Westfaler Verband approval, Grand Slam VDL had obtained approval from the KWPN, Hanoverian, and Selle Francais studbooks. Grand Slam VDL was the all-time top-scorer in the KWPN performance test until recently; he scored an impressive 90 points. For technique and reflexes, he earned a 9.5; for scope, rideability, attitude and talent as a jumper he received 9s; for canter and balance, he received an 8.
His pedigree is made up of foundation stallions. His father, Cardento, received silver medals at the World Equestrian Games, the European Championships, and the Olympics. The magnificent grey stallion was known for having it all: the ability to perform and pass on performance.
Grand Slam’s dam sire is another foundation stallion, Heartbreaker. Heartbreaker is known for being one of the greats. He was the 2016 KWPN Horse of the Year. Further, back in Grand Slam’s dam line, we see Mr. Blue. Mr. Blue won numerous Grand Prix titles and sired Zirocco Blue VDL. Zirocco found fifth place on the 2023 WBFSH Sire Rankings for showjumping.
Further back still are ‘Stallion of the Century’ Nimmerdor and top Thoroughbred Erdball xx. They provide the basis for top horses and producers like Apollo, Just Malone, Goldenbridge, Heartbreaker, Ahorn etc.
It is no wonder Grand Slam has had such success as a competitor and sire. His breeding leaves nothing to chance. As VDL describes him, ” Grand Slam: a true, complete stallion.”