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Faithstone Stud and Livery Yard

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HQ caught up with Lara Coldbeck to hear about Faithstone Stud and Livery Yard- the yard she runs with her business partner Nikki Austen.

HQ: Tell us a bit about your yard and the facilities you offer.

Lara: Where to start!? We offer great, large paddocks, with just stallions being separated. There are six stables available, soon to be somewhere between 9 to 12 available for people who are interested. Our final night check is at 9pm, and we have 24hr CCTV surveillance on both the horses and the tack room. We have a grass arena, a lunge arena and we will soon have a sand jumping arena and dressage arena. We feed three times a day, including any and all supplements provided by the owner. We offer grooming twice a day, and all paddocks have shelters and trees in them as well as plenty of access to water. Outside instructors are welcome, as we don’t have any onsite instructors as yet. We have great outride trails all around us and we frequently go onto the neighbouring  farms for outrides. We are close to both Buffelsbosch and the Hay Barn. I contact the vet, farrier on behalf of clients. I also offer towing services. Lunging and schooling is at an extra cost. Our fees really are minimal in comparison to most yards. I have 21 years of riding and horse experience.

HQ: Tell us a little bit about you and your business partner. What made you get into horses? Do you have your own horses – if so, please tell us a bit about them?

Lara: My business Partner Nikki Austen lives on the farm. In the week I am also based on the farm, and in the near future will also be there full time. Nikki originally had Faithstone Stud, as a Friesian stud farm but has since sold all but her one breeding stallion who has now been gelded. I met Nikki through her brother. Nikki and I started up a friend

ship and then realised that we are sitting on prime equestrian property and have since been renovating and building the stables etc. We have literally poured our hearts into this project.

I got into horses at age 3 and have never looked back. Nikki got into horses more than a decade ago. Nikki owns horses on the farm but I don’t. Between the two of us we have over 30 yrs experience. All of the horses here are a bit loopy in character, but we love them anyway!

HQ: Who would most enjoy your yard? 

Lara: The thing I love most about the yard and what we have striven so hard for is to create a family environment and a place where once can find peace. Our yard has a real mixed basket of disciplines, from dressage to english mounted games. We’re suited to everyone who wants to be part of the Faithstone family. 

HQ: How did you keep yourselves busy during lockdown?

Lara: During the lockdown period we focussed on fixing blankets, riding, painting the house, and just doing maintenance and other things that need to be caught up on around the house.



To contact Faithstone Stud: 

Lara: 0783829811