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EquiProVet SA – Regen Sports Med

HQ caught up with Mandy Schroder from EPVSA – Regen Sports Med to chat about their fantastic products.

Tell us a bit about the business, how was it started, why was it started? 

EPVSA was formed out of Kerry’s love for one horse – her special gelding Toronto. She was a hairsbreadth away from fulfilling her dream of competing him at Grand Prix level when he experienced a serious flare up of an old injury. She was determined to not only help him heal but to find products that would also ensure he stayed healthy and sound, training and competing at the highest level without incurring repeat injuries. She eventually found what she was looking for and the company was born.

Tori Coughlan and Callaho Fiesta

Are you a horse rider yourself?

Luca Watson and Medunsa Trick or Treat

The entire team rides or have ridden at a high level in their chosen disciplines. Our Brand Ambassadors are riders of renown: Arnold Botha, Anthony Kay, Leanne Cutting, Beryl Johnston, Luca Watson, Tori Coughlan, Lisa-Sue Hoffman and Elena Jankowitz. Together we currently span the disciplines of Showjumping, Dressage, Endurance, Eventing and Showing.

Arnold Botha

Do you have a horse of your own – if so, please tell us a little bit about them? 

Kerry has two – Toronto, her special 19 year old horse who inspired her to start EPVSA and then Deva by name and nature is a 12 year old mare and graded Inter 1. 

Leanne Cutting and Arco 360 Cinderella

What products do you sell? 

We sell specialist equine orthopaedic solutions. We focus on proactive rather than retro-active joint support and management. We provide cutting edge orthopaedic technology, for high performance elite sport horses. Having said that we have a number of geriatrics (horses not owners) as clients and they all enjoy a more comfortable happier retirement, thanks to our products.

Anthony Kay and Sherman

Can people contact you during lockdown to place online orders? 

Yes, we have our permit allowing us to operate.  We can be contacted via Facebook, phone, email or the website. 

Kerry: 072 914 8870,

Mandy: 084 552 0003, 

@EPVRegenSportsMed on Facebook