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HQ caught up with Roxy and Jaili, the founders of the exciting new platform,

Why did you start your business?

Both of us (Roxy and Jaili) are avid equestrians and horse riders. Our day is not complete without spending time with our steeds and we always make it a social event by riding together, either in the mornings or the afternoons. As you can tell, we spend a great deal of time together, and with our horses, which is ultimately where was created.

Ironically it was lockdown that provided the ideal time to put our ideas into action, and so, EquestrianTrade was launched.

Roxy has been in Digital Marketing for over 12 years working for large agencies in the UK, Australia, and South Africa. As a digital marketing leader, Roxy works on the digital and technical aspects of


Jaili is a practicing corporate lawyer with 10 years’ experience in private and corporate practice, specialising in insurance, banking, finance, travel, retail and credit bureau industries. Jaili partnered on an operational level to handle the day-to-day, as well as the compliance and legal aspects of the business.


Do you have horses of your own – if so, please tell us a little bit about them?

Yes we do – our saying is that no woman is happy without her horse. Roxy’s horse Goose, is a very flashy stocky Thoroughbred who has his calling in dressage, but has also proved to be quite the jumper. He is a 5 year old, bay gelding who definitely keeps Roxy wide awake when she rides. Jaili also owns a Thoroughbred mare who she has had for 10 years. Synni is a dynamic horse, who is a super bold eventer and showjumper. We spend a great deal of time spoiling our horses and they are stabled opposite one another in their barn. We believe we are privileged to have the relationships we hold with our horses.

Roxy with Goose

Tell us about EquestrianTrade, what services and products you offer.

EquestrianTrade is a digital platform that strives to be the hub of everything equestrian. As an online e-commerce store, EquestrianTrade offers a range of the best in brands and products to consumers. More than that, it also allows users to upload pre-loved tack, their horses for sale and other items, as well providing listing opportunities for professionals such as vets, saddle fitters, farriers and more. also recognises the grooms, who support us and our horses, and the website hosts a freelisting tab for grooms seeking work. Grooms and the care they provide are the backbone of our industry and the welfare of our horses depends on them. Giving them a platform to gain employment is important, especially in these difficult times. is also in the process of developing add on products that support the whole equestrian community and we will be releasing the exciting products soon, so keep an eye on the website.

How can people place orders? is the ideal place to shop as we manage deliveries of products purchased, right to your door. We are also available to assist telephonically and by email for those users who want to load their pre-loved items and horses for sale.

Customers and users can contact us by emailing

Alternatively, you can contact Jaili on 0766277164 or

or contact Roxy on 0641266282 or

Jaili with Synni