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K (138)Western riding in South Africa is one of our smaller disciplines, but it has a growing following. Since the establishment of the Western Horse Association, there has been an increasing awareness about the discipline. By becoming members online, riders are able to receive newsletters and notifications about upcoming shows. Most of the Western riding shows are based in the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. Gauteng is hoping to start hosting more events at the major show venues.

Western riding apparel is distinctly different from English tack. Western equipment is renowned for being decorative and visually appealing.




shutterstock_62530534Over the years, Western clothing and tack have adopted a more modernised style. Some clothing items have been abandoned or modified during this movement. These changes are mainly owing to practicality and new equine laws within the sport. HQ chatted to Megan Coome-Heath from Western Shoppe about Western riding equipment.

The full article appears in the April issue (98) of HQ.