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Source: news24

Cape fire affects equine community

Source: news24
Fire on the mountain. Source: news24

The Cape fire, originating in Muizenburg, broke out on 1 March; strong winds fed the blaze even more, resulting in the fire spreading even further across Cape Town. Firefighters are still at work keeping the fire controlled Homes and buildings have been destroyed as a result of the fire. Areas such as Hout Bay, Tokai, Chapman’s Peak and Noordehoek have been labelled as disaster zones.

For the equine community, the Cape fire has been a disaster.

Horses have had to be evacuated from their respective properties and transported to safer grounds. There have been reports of stampeding horses breaking out of their properties in an effort to flee from the fire. Unfortunately, some have still not been recovered. Some people have offered up vacant stables to accommodate evacuated horses. Facebook has become a commonplace for equestrians to sell and buy tack or horses online; these Facebook groups have been utilised over the past few days to offer support and accommodation to desperate horses and horse-owners.

Horses have been evacuated. Source:

The SPCA has been working hard, since the fire broke out, to remove and relocate all horses and other animals. A local resident from Tokai, Natasha Brands, reported that, “various owners were bringing their horses back up the road this morning and some of the horses actually got injured.”

Snaith Racing has been joining in with efforts to help rescue horses that were at risk of the fire. The Snaith family contacted New Turf carriers and Choice Carriers to send trucks to load up and transport horses to safer locations.

Jono Snaith offered a comment: “We had to evacuate Uitsig. New Turf and Choice Carriers were down there helping anyone and everyone. Not only did they end up working through the night, they had to do racing loads as well today. It’s good to see people in racing pitching in as well.”

We do it for the horses.

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