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Bye Day Sunday update

RH Bye Day 22 Nov 2015, 8-31 AM
And they’re off!

Opening Meet Sunday 29th November

The hunt will gather in the ICB Bowl. You should be mounted and present at about 7:30 am. The traditional stirrup cup will be served and the Field Master will give a speech and collect cap fee. There will be a number of different riding groups that you can join – the difference in these groups are the speed they go and how much they jump. All jumps on the hunt are optional. If you are out for the first time ever we recommend that you join the Hack or the Slow Hack and see after the first line where you fit in.
After the hunt we will all gather at the ICB Clubhouse for breakfast (R70 per person) – we hope everyone will join us. A cash bar will be available.

15 Tips for for Happy Hunting

Your Hack or Field Master will let you know which jumps are safe to go over
Your Hack or Field Master will let you know which jumps are safe to go over

As it is the beginning of the season it seems a good time to remind all hunters of the dos and don’ts when you are part of the field or the hack. Here are some of the guidelines. These guidelines are all aimed primarily at the safety of the hounds, the riders and the general enjoyment of the day.
1. The Field Master is tasked to try to ensure the safety of the riders and his or her instructions should be followed at all times. Please listen to his or her speech at the meet.
2. You should ride behind (and not pass) the Field Master – or block his/her line of vision.  He/she needs to watch the hounds, the huntsman and the jumps and check for unexpected problems in order to make a split second decision of where to take the Field. The Field Master is there to keep you as safe as possible. He/she also protects the hounds by keeping the correct distance from them.
3. You should not jump any jump unless the Field Master jumps it or indicates that it may be jumped. The Field Master is always well informed of the state of particular jumps – there may be a problem with the take off or landing or it might be wired up. Basically there is usually a good reason why it is being avoided.
4. You should stay close to the Field Master or Hack Master group. Do not change groups in mid line and do not wander off by yourself. If you want to change groups you may do so at the checks but you must inform the Field/Hack Master as they try and keep track of everybody. If you want to leave the hunt altogether and go home you must ask permission and they will advise when it will be safe to leave and which route you should take.
5. Give your fellow hunters plenty of space at the jumps and keep a safe following distance. If you stop at a jump try and get out of the way as quickly as possible without getting in everyone’s way. Remember – no one stops on purpose so don’t shout at anyone who has stopped in front of you!
6. Stay closely on the line in the right direction – do not cross in front of other riders at an angle under any circumstances. Do not go back down the line into oncoming riders.
7. If someone falls off only one person should stay with them to look after them but the rest of the field should carry on. The car followers will be called to assist if needed.

Hounds always have right of way and riders need be aware of them at all times
Hounds always have right of way and riders need be aware of them at all times

If you have a horse that kicks you should tie a red ribbon on its tail to warn other riders. This does not diminish your responsibility however. You need to ride at a safe distance from other horses in front and around you.
9. At the meet the whippers-in are introduced. Take note of who they are as they are responsible for looking after the hounds and have right of way at all times. The hounds get confused when too many people are giving them instructions, so you are asked not to talk or shout at the hounds unless asked.
10. Hounds have absolute right of way. Always face your horses head to the hounds. Do not let your horse kick or trample over a hound.  Always give the hounds plenty of room. If there is a hound near you it is your responsibility not to hurt or scare it.
11. At checks please gather in a group where the Field Master indicates. This is a time to rest your horse and yourself. You should not be jumping  or paddling in the water near the hounds unless given permission. The Field Master usually gathers the group a reasonable distance from the Huntsman and the hounds for safety and too avoid the chatter in the field exciting the hounds.
12. You should be dressed in the same way as you would for a show. A black or navy blue jacket with hard hat with chin strap and black boots. A white stock with a white shirt should be worn. Jodphurs should be Beige or cream. Long hair should be neatly restrained by a hair net.
13. Your horse should be plaited. To be as safe as possible your tack should conform to eventing guidelines although we do not enforce this.
14. We have a service vehicle that supports the Huntsman, Hounds and Drag during the Hunt. This is an extremely busy and important function so please do not ask this vehicle to hold or do things for you.
15. Please do not ask the Drag if you can accompany them. This job requires a lot of concentration to make sure the lines work well. If the Drag person needs another horse to accompany them they will ask a suitable rider

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