You are currently viewing BIOGEN MAPLE RIDGE WORLD CUP QUALIFIER DAY 1 (22nd May 2024)


The first day of competition saw the ever-competitive Neriske Prinsloo Hill take the win in the 1.30m A2 aboard GCS Max Van Tastique NPS. Neriske has only been back in the ring since mid-April after a six-month break from riding following a back operation. Van-Tastique NPS is an 11-year-old, imported Hanoverian mare that Neriske has produced up the grades, and the pair have a multitude of wins to their names. Her sire Valentino is a striking KWPN chestnut stallion, who is also the sire of Micah Chalker’s KP Vagabond who jumps in the 1.40m classes.
Neriske Prinsloo-Hill and NPS Van-Tastique | Photography: Merlynn Trichardt 
In the 1.35m A2 Janine Coetzee and Rotoflo Caracas jumped a beautiful, neat clear, and claimed their first of what will surely be many wins together. Janine, who took over the ride on ‘Crackles’, as he is affectionately known, early last year had this to say about him:
“When I started with Crackles, he was very intimidating and a lot of horse for me. Our first show at Burlington in the 1.10m he ran away with me! But, our partnership has grown, and I’ve learned a lot along the way. He has never been an easy ride, but it has helped that Charley Crockart rode him before I did because she knows exactly what he is like – a strong-minded guy! He has taught me so much, and I love him for that. He has taught me good horsemanship; if I don’t spend enough time with him on the ground it shows under saddle. He has taught me patience; for example, before this show Charley had to lead me over trotting poles because he can’t do them. And the most important thing he has taught me is to never give up; we have such a strong partnership that he now fights for me. I really believe at the end of the day it was meant to be; he was not bought for me but somehow he ended up with me and has found his forever person!”