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Check out our interview with Cindy Campbell of Atlantic Tech below. Such innovative and great quality products!

What led you to start your business?

We started Atlantic Tech as we wanted to bring products into South Africa that where innovative, unique, great quality and that we thought were amazing! We created our e-commerce site, to introduce and sell these products. My passion for horses led us to look for unique equestrian products, especially those that can be used to enhance training for equestrians. We also offer other unique products focussed on S.T.E.A.M. and coding, wine and the outdoors.

Are you a horse rider yourself? 

I am a horse rider. I started riding at the age of 10 and had my own horse during my school years. I stopped riding after completing school. After a long break of 25 years I got back into riding again 4 years ago and I haven’t looked back! It has been so wonderful for me to reignite my passion for riding and to now in my late 40’s learn so much more about the equestrian sport!!

Do you have a horse of your own?

I have my own horse. He is a 10 year old Thoroughbred bay gelding by Greys In. I have had him for just over a year now. His name is Montego Bay aka “Monty”. Monty is a sweet horse with lots of spark! He loves to jump and we are currently competing 1m at shows and jumping 1.10m at home. We do the occasional dressage show. He is stabled at Thandeka Stables in Melkbosstrand and we are coached by Nikki Thurgood. Nikki uses the CeeCoach system as well as Soloshot3 to enhance her teaching and finds these products are great training tools.

What products do you sell?  

As I mentioned earlier, we sell a variety of innovative products. Our equestrian products are the CeeCoach Communication system, CeeCalm and the Soloshot3, with more products to come. We also sell Educational Coding Toys, the new compact RideSafer Wearable Car Seat for children and the Repour WineSaver for wine lovers who are tired of throwing spoilt wine away. Here is a bit more about our equestrian products.

Ceecoach – 2-WAY Communication system

The CeeCoach Communication system is a fantastic training aid for all instructors and coaches and is fast becoming a favourite for equestrian coaches here in South Africa. It is a group communication system that offers crystal clear, 2-way wireless communication and is durable, weather proof, compact and stylish. Thanks to modern bluetooth technology a coach can talk to 5 students over a distance of up to 500 meters and the CEECOACH 2 system additionally allows the use of bluetooth headsets, so no more wires!

CeeCoach is endorsed by Olympic Gold Medallist for Dressage, Isabell Werth: A sophisticated design, a high level of functionality and ease of use. At last, I don’t need to search for radio channels and the good audio quality means I can hear everything that’s said clearly without any static.”

CeeCalm – The acoustic calming device for horses

The way in which CeeCalm works is based on horses’ social behaviour. For instance, the sound of a horse grazing has a soothing effect on other horses. These natural sounds were analysed, selected and compiled so that with CeeCalm the sounds are used to reduce symptoms of stress in your horse even in different situations.

CeeCalm can relax horses in many situations. For example:

  • When getting used to a new environment;
  • For calming horses during transport and loading;
  • For reducing stress during veterinary examinations;
  • For providing distraction when horses are separated;
  • For creating a generally relaxed environment in the stable; and
  • For preventing fear e.g. during storms.

CeeCalm is endorsed by multiple World Champion and Olympic Gold Medallist in dressage, Isabell Werth: “CeeCalm is really is an amazing device. It is easy to transport, meaning that it helps to calm stressed horsed in all sorts of places. That’s important because you can only train productively and ride successfully if the horse is relaxed.”

SoloShot3 – Your personal robot cameraman

Equestrian instructors and coaches, can take their coaching to a whole new level with Soloshot3. It is the perfect training aid for all riding disciplines including dressage, showjumping, eventing, polo, western riding, vaulting and more. It allows you to automatically track and film lessons of a single student or a group for breakdown and review. You even have the option of full HD 120 fps slow motion to really pin point problem areas for the student and the horse. You can create on-line tutorials using Soloshot3 without needing to employ videographers and you can also integrate the CEECOACH Communication system to record your instructions direct to the video at the same time. By adding new ways to generate income, Soloshot3 quickly pays for itself and becomes a valuable investment. Equine photographers will also find Soloshot3 a valuable income generator at shows, as it provides an opportunity for contestants to purchase videos of their rounds, in addition to their photographs.  

Can people contact you during lockdown to place online orders? 

We are contactable during lockdown and people are welcome to visit our e-commerce site ( to place orders, or drop us an email directly at or call on 0737159718 or visit Orders will only be delivered after lockdown. Please note that we are experiencing delays in getting shipments released by customs due to the COVID-19 situation. 

We will be running a 10% discount on all CEECOACH, CEECALM, SOLOSHOT3 and Ridesafer orders. To take advantage of this discount you can order direct through me!

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