AskHQ: Photographs

Q: Should I be taking photographs of my horse in bright sunlight? Or what are the best weather conditions?

A: Perfect sunny weather is not always the best when it comes to taking photographs. The bright sunlight can create harsh, angular shadows, which can in turn lead to unflattering photographs. Plus, in the bright sun flies tend to be more of an issue and these can really ruin your photos, and reduce the chances of your horses standing still and remaining settled. In most instances it is best to hunt out a slightly shadier spot to get your pictures taken.

Most photographers would agree that the ideal conditions are bright but slightly overcast, so that there are clouds in the sky to naturally diffuse the sunlight and give an even tone to your pictures. However, it is still possible to get great pictures in bright sunlight, you just may need to be a bit selective and find a shadier area, in which to stand your horse.