AskHQ: How do you convert hands to cm?

One hand is equal to four inches and one inch is equal to 2.54cm. Therefore, it often makes sense to work out the height in inches first. The following table provides a conversion chart for measurements in hands to measurements in centimetres using inches as the intermediate number to make the conversion simpler:

Height in hands Height in inches Height in centimetres (rounded to the nearest cm)
13hh 52in 132cm
14hh 56in 142cm
14.2hh 58in 148cm
15hh 60in 152cm
16hh 64in 163cm
17hh 68in 173cm


In the case of 14.2hh, the height in centimetres is therefore worked out by first working out the number of inches:

To convert hands high (hh) to inches (in):

14hh x 4 = 56 inches

0.2hh = 2 inches

Total height in inches = 56in + 2in = 58in

To convert inches to centimetres (cm):

58 x 2.54 = 148cm (rounded to the nearest cm)