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AskHQ: French link snaffle

Q: My horse throws his head when I ride him. If I ride him in a bitless bridle he doesn’t do this, but in his bridle with a French link snaffle he tosses his head all of the time? I had understood that this was a mild bit, so I’m not sure what else to try him in?

A: The French Link lies on the tongue at a slight angle, applying pressure to the tongue through only about half the plate. This concentrates the tongue pressure in a small area. The horse throwing his head is a sign that he is sensitive to pressure on his tongue. To stop the head throwing, we need to remove the tongue pressure as this removes his reason for head throwing. A Loose Ring Happy Tongue would be a good choice for him as this will remove most of the tongue pressure.

Answered by Claire Lund from Bombers Bits