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AskHQ: Arena etiquette

Q: What is the etiquette when several of you are schooling flatwork in the arena at once?

A: When riding at the same time as others in the arena, you need to make sure you are aware of other riders and what they are doing to avoid crashes or other incidents. This is made easier if you always ride by looking up and ahead so you can try to anticipate what other riders are doing and adjust your course and work if necessary. Basic etiquette in these situations is as follows:

  • When passing a ride in opposite directions, you need to pass left hand to left hand, with enough space between you to avoid any confusion or collisions.
  • If you are walking and other are riding at a faster gait, you should take the inner track (approximately 3m from the outer track) to allow others to work around you.
  • You must give way to horses moving in a faster gait. This may mean halting or turning across the arena.
  • If you want to halt, do this away from the track, usually on the centre line. However, if this is going to interfere with someone else’s exercise the rule above applies, and you must move.