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Assagai Serenata jumping in the 1,30m

5 minutes with Liam Stevens

Text: Caroline Malan

Photography: Denford Studios

Tell us how your Reonet show went?

My show was great. Assagai Serenata (owned by Ceallagh Semple) jumped the mini Grand Prix and had a rail in the jump off. She is relatively new to the open classes so I’m very happy and it was her first show in the Bob Charter so I would say that she impressed me the most.

Which of your horses impressed you the most and why?

Nissan Esperanto was back in the arena for the first time since March last year and he feels better than ever. I’m really looking forward to my year with him. My new horse, Capital Cadbury, had his first outing and I was really happy with him too: I think he’s going to develop into a very nice horse. Counsellor, another young horse also jumped well. He was a little green on the grass but feels very scopey and I’m thoroughly enjoying his production. Back on Track Nathan, also a lovely young horse, came on heaps at the show. He’s a quirky young stallion and so has taken a bit of time to relax at shows. Elizabeth Ladeira’s Capital Charisma was super – jumped all clear rounds and is ready to move up to the open grades.

What was your overall impression of the tracks over the 3 days?

I thought the tracks were great – testing enough but a super warm-up for what is to come at the Nissan Easter Festival. I’m very excited for the Easter Festival, especially after the way all the horses jumped this past weekend. Nissan Wanda should be fit and ready for the Grand Prix.

What is your next show and on what horses?

My next show is the ErrePlus President’s Cup and I will take:

Nissan Esperanto in the 1.30

Assagai Serenata in the 1.35

Capital Cadbury in the 1.20

Kemosabe in the 1.20

Capital Charisma in the 1.30

Counsellor and Back on track Nathan in the 1.10

What are your goals for 2019?

My goals for 2019 include having Wanda for the big classes, and then Serenata and Esperanto for the 1.35/1.40 classes for the Mini Prix’s and Riders Tour GP Series at the world cup shows. Then I would like to have Capital Charisma for the 1.35 GP’s. I will take the younger ones along and produce them this year – I’d like to get them to as many of the different venues as possible