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5 minutes with Anne-Marie Esslinger

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Text: Caroline Malan

Photography: Denford Studios

Tell us how your Reonet show went?

I rode my lovely seven year old, Quadix, in two 1,35m competitions at the show. We had three down in the first class – a world record for this horse who hardly ever touches a rail. I think I’m out of practise post foot surgery! In the Mini Prix, however, we went a whole lot better – double clear, finishing 11th!

Who is the one horse in your string that never disappoints you?

I’m fortunate to own four super horses at present but unfortunate in that two are not working currently. My two horses, Alzu Oregon and Contador 44 are out of action, whilst my two younger ones, Quadix and Caracas are both in work – Quadix is a 1,35m horse, probably ready for 1,40m after the Nissan Easter Festival show, whilst Caracas is in the 1,10m.

What was your overall impression of the tracks over the three days?

The tracks in the grass arena were mostly friendly as Ryan was trying to build confidence for horses and riders – many of us don’t jump on grass surfaces often enough anymore.

Your thoughts on the new Bob Charter going?

The grass has been completely redone and looked magnificent in the Bob Charter arena, but the root structure is probably not deep enough yet, and the surface was extremely slippery on the first day. The going improved over the next three days with some sand and rolling applied but the arena still needs more work done to ensure that the new grass roots go deeper and that the top surface is not as slippery – KPC is already addressing that issue.

What is your next show and on what horses?

My next show is in 10 days’ time and is just a training show at our premises. Then we move into preparation for Nissan Easter Festival.

What are your goals for 2019?

My goals are to win a title with Oregon in the big classes; have Contador 44  ready for the 1,50m classes by the end of the year; Quadix solid in the 1,40m; and Caracas the same in the 1,20m.

Nissan Easter Festival is one month away. How are you feeling about that show post this weekends performances?

I’m disappointed that Oregon will not be jumping, as he likes the Bob Charter arena, and I was hoping to do well in the Nissan SA Outdoor Grand Prix. I was also hoping to have Contador 44 jumping in the 1,40m division at that show, but he won’t be fit enough either – so the pressure is on me and my “Quadbike”! We will try to win the 1,35m category and finish that division on a high!